The aim of our consultancy service is to give you a better view of the market and give you an opportunity to choose from various options. You can rely on expertise of our in-house and affiliated logistics and legal experts.

Within the scope of this service we provide:

  • business plan preparation and financial analysis for investment in the dry cargo fleet
  • integrated logistics solutions for industrial cargos movement through the ports of the Azov and Black Sea basin
  • warehousing logistics solutions in Novorossiysk and Saint-Petersburg
  • providing analysis of information on the rates of dry-cargo freight market
  • evaluation of logistics costs in container logistics

Getting a timely and professional experts advice is often a must as a precaution against unmitigated risks while opening up new opportunities to provide your customers with better service.

All of our consultancy products are tailored to meet your individual requirements and are cross-checked by a number of specialists to ensure that the advice that you get is the best one.